TalentStar App A Fresh Tool To Hang with

TalentStar is a new App available in both the App Store & Google Play Its Quite like the Combination of Keek App and Vine, yet has its own unique feel.  Talentstar is a social media app similar to top app like Instagram, Vine & Keek. Talentstar lets you record up to 25 second videos from your mobile device or you can upload pre-recorded videos from your mobile device.

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One of the great things about this app is that it combines all the functionalities in app like Instagram, vine and Keek into one. Having this App available in the App Store, Google Play and a website makes this app accessible to more people which should help in this app popularity.
TalentStar is an app to pay attention to as it has the capability to be a major player in the Video, social network genre.

MSOM 305 Fall 2014 ASSIGNMENT 2

MSOM 305 Fall 2014 ASSIGNMENT 2: MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY It is to be typewritten, maximum 180 words, about 2/3 of a page double spaced. Answers should be written concisely to the point. Siemens AG is a German multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate headquartered in Munich, Germany. It is the largest Europe-based electronics and electrical engineering company. Siemens and its subsidiaries employ over 360,000 people and reported global revenue of approximately 74 billion euros for 2011. It sells products in 190 different countries, and has established 31 separate Web sites using 38 different languages. Although market X has great market potential, it is relatively politically unstable. To facilitate movement into market X, Siemens decides to first learn more about the local culture. It also wants to tap into the local resources and networks to sell their products. Siemens has proprietary technology and therefore has concern about problems with product piracy. As a result, it wants to have some degree of control and coordination, but minimal level of risk. Given these market conditions and the concerns from Siemens, please select THE MOST APPROPRIATE (ONE) market entry strategy among the followings: · Exporting – indirect & direct · Contract manufacturing · Countertrade · Co-branding · Franchising · Licensing · Management contract · R & D contracts · Turnkey projects · Strategic alliance · Joint venture · Merger and acquisition (M & A) · Affiliate · Wholly owned subsidiary Please explain why?



It will be strategic alliance where both parties will have alliance to gain market share on Royality profit sharing basis. it will help the company to design draft strategies according to local cultures. It can be done via recommendation where one brand says another is better, for example a  detergent company saying Haier Washing machines works well with our detergent the best thing the entrant company will enjoy benefits from others goodwill and each of them has own separate identity.

Identify the key benefits of a company investing and trading securities. Provide a rationale for your response

Securities Market and Investment Diversification”  Please respond to the following:


  • Identify the key benefits of a company investing and trading securities. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • List two (2) reasons investment diversification is important


Identify the key benefits of a company investing and trading securities. Provide a rationale for your response.
a) Less Complicated as compared with direct investment
b) Lesser investment Required
c) Greater Liquidity
d) Better Investment portfolio management (More diversified investment)
e) Seperation of Ownership from Possession
f) easier transferable

List two (2) reasons investment diversification is important

Every investor/entrepreneur wants to maximize hsi/her profit and want to minimize risk which is not possible so while investing in securities there are lesser risk involved as compared with direct investment.
Secondly; securities investment allows the investor to manage the portfolio more effectively they can invest in different kind of niches and can gradually take adjustment to gain maximum out it.


WebPlanetApps App Scammer

Webplanetapps scammer be aware
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Putting surveys aside, what other market research methods could be used to gather data? Please describe at least three.

Desk Research (Secondary Data)
Field Research (Primary Data)

Primary Research Methods:

  • Experiments
  • Observations
  • Interviews
  • Panels
  • Focus Groups

Secondary Research Methods

  • Internal Research (Sales, Statistical data, Cost data, MIS data)
  • External Research (Competitors data, Directories, Government)

What is the difference between primary and secondary research methods? Provide an example of how each of these could be used?

The key difference between primary and secondary research is that primary research is called that research which is conducted by the company itself to get the desired data from the market using various research methods and statistical tools to gather and interpret the data like surveys. It is calculated by developing a questionnaire, observations, and personal interviews. If company resources does not allow them to conduct research themselves they can hire any third party to gather the data. Online surveys are very popular now a days which are conducted by third parties. Primary research requires more funds as compared with the secondary research where companies simply mine the historical data.
While secondary research is that research which is conducted from historical data from other sources. Various types of data sources can be used like census data, periodicals, previous research reports, websites, articles. This type of research does not cost much and is used by the company especially before starting primary research. However; the reliability of secondary research is always compromised and can lead to wrong direction. Using secondary data is always a risky business but if you have good mining qualities, you can get valuable data without bearing heavy costs.

What key elements should be covered when writing a good mission statement? What is the purpose of a mission statement?

Following are the key elements of a good mission statement:

  • It must concise and comprehensive
  • Should explain the key customers company try to serve
  • How to satisfy those customers
  • Should match with current environment
  • Easy to understand & remember
  • Realistic
  • Unique
  • Differentiating your business from others

Simply we can say that mission statement is the definition of our business and communicates the purpose of the business to customers as well as the team members to design and formulate strategies keeping in view the mission statement of firm. It provides a clear direction to the executives to go for type and quality of service or product they are suppose to offer their customers, suppliers, employees etc. In short, mission statement is like a road map on which the company continue to seek the opportunities and tackle the threats by trying to overcome weaknesses.

Describe Michael Porter’s value chain model. What makes this an effective approach?

Michael Porter’s Value Chain Model is in fact a response to the criticism to “Five Forces Framework” that it lacked methodology to implement the theory. In 1985, he published Value chain model which focus on identification of core competencies of any organization and then gaining a competitive advantage over the competitors. He separated the business operations to value generating activities which is called “Value Chain” which starts from suppliers and finishes at end users/buyers.he emphasized on the need of vertical integration as well as the horizontal integration of Value Chain Process. He introduced 9 activities which add indirect or direct value to the products or service and divided these activities in to two main categories

Primary Activities:

  • In-bound logistics
  • Operations
  • Outbound logistics
  • Marketing & Sales

Supporting Activities:

  • Firm Infrastructure
  • Human Resource Management
  • Technology Development
  • Procurement

Value chain Model provides the basis to analyze the cost behavior of products or service as well as the valuable information for differentiation . He successfully highlighted the relationship between operational activities and identifying the key areas where a firm is strong or poor than the competitors. It further helps the firm to identify the competitive advantage and communicating it to potential customers. Value Chain Model helps to find out the key strengths and weaknesses easily and management can take appropriate action well in time which ultimately result in cost reduction and overall profitability of the firm.

What are the similarities and differences between holistic marketing and integrated marketing communications?

To find similarities and differences between Holistic Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), we need to define the both for better understanding.

Holistic Marketing:

Holistic Marketing means designing, development and implementation of such marketing activities or programs that recognizes the scope and cross connections of various marketing efforts. It takes everything in to consideration to get the best solution and is broader term as compared with the IMC.

There are 4 main elements of Holistic Marketing:

  • Relationship Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Social Responsibility Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
IMC is a marketing plan which involves extensive research for targeted customer database and knowing about their buying habits, attitudes, believes etc, designing concrete strategies to draft effective Message to customers by taking into consideration the customer database, choosing the media to to convey the message by adopting special tactics to communicate the drafted message to customers and evaluating the results.
Unlike traditional Marketing mix (4 P’s) it focus on 4 C’s and formulate strategy accordingly:

  • Consumer
  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Communication

It involves following tools to approach targeted customers:

  • Advertising
  • Personal Selling
  • Sales Promotion
  • Public Relationing
  • Direct Marketing

How would you describe relationship marketing? Why are these relationships so important to successful marketing?

Using various methods and techniques to attract, retain and build a long-term relationship with the customers is called Relationship Marketing. The basic idea behind designing and drafting such techniques is to check customer satisfaction level with product or service. Various Methods are used to check the customer satisfaction, personal Interviews, focus groups, questionnaire, online surveys, suggestion box, complaint box, reviews, etc. Such programs helps the organization to build brand awareness easily.It is said that its very hard to get a new customer but even harder to retain it. If company design the strategies not only to make one time sale but also on retention of customers, it will continue to grow as the time progresses.

It is very difficult to keep the existing customers satisfied and loyal with the company as needs and wants of customers are changing dynamically and have made it necessary to keep a close monitoring on customer needs and wants and of course their solutions if possible or may require the companies to offer new products or services. Many companies offer special discount cards, seasonal discounts for loyal customers. So, to be competitive in such a dynamic business environment, the company needs to be pro-active to get maximum market share.